Dear client if you buy anything in Broward County or Palm Beach County your real estate taxes automatically adjust to 1.9% of the purchase price!
Don't pay attention what's on the MLS listing that will not be your taxes..


If you're looking for a waterfront home buyer beware just because you see water doesn't mean there is any... being an avid boater and golfer for 40 years in south Florida I've been cruising up and down every canal. It's very important that you have the right canal for the size of your boat depth, length. Very important you don't buy the wrong house.

Country clubs:

Country club homes look like a great value and they are, but they come with a hefty membership dues so if you're a country club person you'll probably get your money's worth, if you're not, you probably won't get your money's worth...

Oceanfront Condominium:

Check if the building has been refurbished or not: if it has you did well, if it hasn't you got two years of noise coming and $50 -$60,000 assessment.

Jay Carrier
Luxury Listings Realty LLC